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Leadership & Management (free e-book)
In volatile economic times, strong leadership and management are vital. Don't be behind the 8-ball on this crucial skill set.
Customer Service (free e-book)
Winning and then retaining customers is vital. Learn the latest techniques for improving your customer experience.
Staff Relations (free e-book)
NZ is going through a huge skills shortage. Be in touch with the best ways to maintain a loyal productive staff.
Marketing & Sales (free e-book)
You must be able to close the deal in today’s competitive world. Sell and market with the best in the game.
Business Tips & Solutions (free e-book)
Jam packed with quick, surefire tips and techniques to navigate all aspects of today's business environment.

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The truth is, no matter how well you are doing, you can always do better, and the Business Workshop Series gives you the tools you need to get there.

Find new ideas and advice to guide you through your business journey with these five reports covering all aspects of your business.

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Insights About The News - powerful editorial thought helps you relate the main news of the week to your business. Harvard Management Tips - the best tips from the respected University's publications. People to Watch - keep your eye on these business and political figures. Power of 10 - Ten things each week which will help you run your business more effectively, or understand current business practice. Trend - what will you need to watch in the future to make sure you are at the cutting edge. Current forecasts - ASB Bank helps keep readers up to date with thinking on where the currency, unemployment, inflation and other economic KPIs are heading. The Monday Morning Mind Opener - the best business quote you can get - use it to motivate and inspire yourself and your staff.


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